Journal Entry #6

One of the most rewarding benefits of basing Blacklisted Bandits & Co out of Salt Lake City is the massive creative community that’s located here, too. We have access to some of the top photographers, stylists, HMUA, etc literally living within a 45 minute radius, and we’re making the most of it! BBCo is always on the lookout for new creatives to collaborate with and/or hire on to help with our shoots. We’ve decided that it’s just smart to have a variety of nice pictures for things like product posts, advertising and marketing, and so on. So while Nick is an incredible photographer, we’re hoping to keep his contributions mainly focused on creating new designs and mailing out purchases.

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Journal Entry #4

Thankfully, May was up for a busy weekend. Once she was onboard, we called up my grandma to make sure we could come up to her house in Downey for a quick day trip. My sweet grandma jumped at the chance to see us, and it was settled! After all the details were hammered out, I set to work styling the hoodies and putting together outfits for Maysen to model.

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