Journal Entry #1

Holy fuck, guys!

Welcome to Blacklisted Bandits & Co's very first blog entry... We are extremely pleased to have such daring, bad ass and creative fashion bandits, such as yourself, following along in our entrepreneurial ambitions. The time has come for us to turn dreams into achievable goals, and achieve them, we will!

Those BBCo goals can be laid out in our mission statement:

"A double life should be double daring. And what is fashion if not a bold expression of self? Of who we are, who we want to be, or how we want to be seen by peers and comrades. It's with these ideas in mind that Blacklisted Bandits was born. Our mission is to combine creativity and comfort in a way that brings the runway to the real world."

Summed up, we've created a fashion movement that will plant seeds of inclusivity, defy style norms and invite chaos into a business that's been restrictive for too long.

The fashion industry has been seen in the past as exclusive because of the luxury and critical aura that has enveloped it -- And now it's time for us to bust this bitch wide open.

Gone are the days of "perfect"-ly seeming models, clothing geared toward specific gender identities, outrageous prices for reliable quality, and sweats only being deemed a step above pajamas. WE FUCK WITH WHAT MAKES US COMFORTABLE, AND WE DO IT ALL IN STYLE!

But more than that, we want to help people feel comfortable in high quality clothing that doesn't break the bank.

Clothes that are as unique and daring as their owner.

Taking that into account, we decided to launch our first line as a one of a kind, hand modified, limited edition line. Each hoodie and jacket was hand selected; Every piece was then designed, altered and worn by both Nick and myself to ensure everything was up to our own personal standards. Then they were pre-washed and dried on the Delicate Cycle to make sure they withstood.

Once we were satisfied, we decided to look for a killer Bandit Babe to rock our gear. That's when it hit us -- we already knew the perfect girl: Maysen Brown.


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