Journal Entry #2

Today was our first photo shoot for Blacklisted Bandits & Co’s One of a Kind Collection and it couldn’t have turned out any better.


After posting about hiring a photographer on Facebook, many local photographers and videographers reached out but one stood out among the rest: a woman named Hannah MacDonald (@hannahmacphotography). When Hannah reached out to offer her services, she was easy to touch-base with and had experience shooting for boutiques, but above all, we loved the candid feel of her photos.


Once half of the deposit was paid, we decided it was time to approach our cousin, Maysen Brown (@missmaysen) with an invitation to join the making of Blacklisted Bandits & Co. To our delight, she was ecstatic to have been asked and readily agreed to help in any way she could. A few days later she came over to spend the night and talk about what BBCo stands for as a company, and what it means to us. The more we discussed Blacklisted Bandits, the more we realized that in our own individual ways we are Blacklisted Bandits.

After that night, everything just sort of started falling into place.


The day of the photo shoot Maysen came over early to get ready with us. While she did her makeup, Nick started loading the car up and I got to work putting together outfits to compliment our collection.


Our original plan was to shoot in a parking garage at the bottom of Cottonwood Canyon, but shortly after Hannah arrived we were kicked out by security. Keeping in good spirits, we drove a half mile up Big Cottonwood Canyon before pulling over and shooting at the mouth of a private neighborhood.

Here’s a BTS video we shot of Maysen and Hannah working their magic!


The song is Badunkadunk by BLV - We do not own the rights.


Check it out below by entering the link in your website browser!

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