Journal Entry #3

Today was our second photo shoot for BBCo! We ended up finishing a few more looks a day or so before, and because it was so last minute, we didn’t have time to book a photographer. Luckily, Nick ( is has an amazing eye for photography and stepped up to help us shoot.

Maysen spent the night so we got up and going first thing. While she did her makeup and Nick put together his camera equipment, I dove into my closet to create some complimentary outfits to go along with the pieces we created.

Maysen had plans with her mom in the early afternoon, and even though we were running on a tight schedule, we were determined to make it work. Once we had my car all packed up, we made a beeline for a specific location. The location we had in mind was a Go-Karting business in Draper— not anything special but it had a lot of good options for backgrounds, and it was familiar, as Nick and I have shot here together before.

It was a bit cold but Maysen was a champ about the entire thing. Busting out look after look; I decided to make a quick BTS for you all!


Music is Freaks by Hawk in Paris (we do not own the rights).

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