Journal Entry #4

Happy Holidays, Bandits!


Hope you had a wonderful Easter (if you celebrated it). Instead of doing something traditional with our family, Nick and I decided to devote Easter weekend to Blacklisted by spending it working on updating the website with new products. We had finished almost 10 new designs and needed to get some pictures of Maysen modeling them, as well as write up pricing and descriptions. All relatively fun tasks, but time-consuming ones, nonetheless!


Thankfully, May was up for a busy weekend. Once she was onboard, we called up my grandma to make sure we could come up to her house in Downey for a quick day trip. My sweet grandma jumped at the chance to see us, and it was settled! After all the details were hammered out, I set to work styling the hoodies and putting together outfits for Maysen to model.


When the day of the shoot rolled around, we were all ecstatic! In the end, the day took far longer than expected but it was one of our favorite shoots thus far.


Check it out on our IGTV!

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