Journal Entry #6

One of the most rewarding benefits of basing Blacklisted Bandits & Co out of Salt Lake City is the massive creative community that’s located here, too. We have access to some of the top photographers, stylists, HMUA, etc literally living within a 45 minute radius, and we’re making the most of it! BBCo is always on the lookout for new creatives to collaborate with and/or hire on to help with our shoots. We’ve decided that it’s just smart to have a variety of nice pictures for things like product posts, advertising and marketing, and so on. So while Nick is an incredible photographer, we’re hoping to keep his contributions mainly focused on creating new designs and mailing out purchases.

After we officially decided that, we set to work on searching for the perfect photographer to take his place. Obviously it had to be someone who embodies the BBCo brand: someone with more than what meets the eye. A person who puts trust in their potential. And lastly, a photographer who specialized in fashion editorials. Enter: Sierra Rose.

Sierra Rose (@sierra.rosephoto) is an incredibly talented, kind and imaginative woman who I’ve actually had the pleasure of shooting with before! During our photo sessions, she’s done a great job at cultivating a comfortable and safe environment, which is HUGE. On top of that, our sets have been among some of my favorites so I knew we’d be placing Maysen (@missmaysen) in capable hands.

As luck would have it, Sierra posted about having openings available and we were quick to reserve our spots. Mostly because we didn’t want to miss the opportunity, seeing as the products had already been announced and captured by Nick (

Still, regardless of the advanced planning, when the day of rolled around we were quite busy. Maysen had to work until 2 (the shoot was planned for 4:30), and Nick and I were both in the midsts of helping to coordinate a wedding with the wedding rehearsal taking place that same morning at 9. As soon as we finished up at the rehearsal, we boogied home to finish putting the final touches on the styles looks. Then we loaded up the car, stopped for gas and ran south to Maysen’s house. We got there around 3 which gave us enough time to swing by our house and double check that we got everything we needed for the day.

Sierra and I decided to shoot the looks downtown which ended up being an awesome idea. She made sure we kept moving to give the shots different backgrounds, but we ended up shooting in a parking garage, in a stairwell/on a staircase, on the roof and in front of a few brick buildings. Everyone seemed to click instantly so we spent the entire hour cracking jokes and giggling. I did my best to get in a few BTS videos too. I’ll post the YouTube link below, but as always, feel free to watch it on our IGTV (@blacklistedbanditsandco).

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