Journal Entry #3

It was a bit cold but Maysen was a champ about the entire thing. Busting out look after look; I decided to make a quick BTS for you all!

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Journal Entry #2

Once half of the deposit was paid, we decided it was time to approach our cousin, Maysen Brown (@missmaysen) with an invitation to join the making of Blacklisted Bandits & Co. To our delight, she was ecstatic to have been asked and readily agreed to help in any way she could. A few days later she came over to spend the night and talk about what BBCo stands for as a company, and what it means to us. The more we discussed Blacklisted Bandits, the more we realized that in our own individual ways we are Blacklisted Bandits.

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Journal Entry #1

"A double life should be double daring. And what is fashion if not a bold expression of self? Of who we are, who we want to be, or how we want to be seen by peers and comrades.  It's with these ideas in mind that Blacklisted Bandits was born. Our mission is to combine creativity and comfort in a way that brings the runway to the real world."

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