Blacklisted Bandits & Co (also known as BBCo for short) was an abstract pipe dream imagined by Nick and Demi Petersen in January of 2019. At first, each idea was separate; Demi was modifying her own personal clothing on the side for fun while Nick was busy setting up a Patreon and working on his artistic endeavors. But that didn't last long as they started seeing parallels in each individual form of art. While every medium was different in its own way, they had one important theme in common: the expression of self.

Once Nick and Demi sat down, ideas started flowing. In the beginning, the concept behind BBCo started as an art series and was originally going to be called, "0-Sense Censorship", pointing to the double standard behind censorship regulations on social media platforms. After discussing the issue in depth, they began to realize that people (man, woman and others alike) are constantly being regulated both online and in person. And while the restrictions online are corrupt and downright annoying, they are not nearly as damaging as the suppression and oppression that is prevalent in our society even still to this day.

From elite fashion shows to junior high schools, up to the highest branches of the government and even snaking down and through our daily lives -- we are constantly being forced to fit into molds that are too small, and have been for too many years.

Not anymore.

True acceptance and comfort start from within and are the first and most important markers on your journey of stepping into your power and harnessing the truth of who you are. And, that's where Blacklisted Bandits and Co come in. BBCo was created so your outsides can match your insides; Meaning, your body should be your comfort zone.

Dress up or dress down, no one can tell you that the way you're being you, is wrong.